Not all of our outings involve camping and outdoor activities.  Sometimes, we go bowling, play games, and relax.  We do like to camp, hike, backpack, canoe, and do other outdoor activities, though.  You do not need to purchase a lot of new outdoor gear to participate in weekend outings with Crew 202.  If we are going on a weekend camping or hiking outing, tents and cooking equipment are available to share. 

The equipment you'll want to have includes a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes or hiking boots, a personal mess kit (dish/cup/utensil), and a durable water container.

For high adventure trips such as Philmont backpacking treks, Boundary Waters canoe trips, or Seabase sailing/snorkeling adventures, we will provide advice on special gear you will need, and much of it may be available used or for borrowing.