Elected Youth Positions in Crew 202:

The following positions are elected by the membership for terms of six months.  Elections are typically held in February and August.

Crew President
  • Serves as the youth leader of the Crew.
  • Implements the crew program in cooperation with officers and members.
    Works closely with Advisors and other adult leaders in a spirit of partnership.
  • Represents the crew at the Teen Leaders' Council meetings and Teen Leaders' Council annual program planning conference and is available to report to the chartered organization and crew committee.
  • Assists the Crew Advisor in conducting the crew officers' seminar.
    Appoints youth chairs for special projects and appoints special crew officers.
  • Presents a report to the chartered organization at the conclusion of the term of office.
  • Assesses on an ongoing basis whether the responsibilities of the officers are being considered and carried out effectively.
  • Approaches Venturing and encourages others to approach Venturing in a spirit of fun and enjoyment.
Administrative Vice President
  • Serves as administrative officer of the crew.
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the crew president in his or her absence.
  • Leads the recruiting and admission of new members during the year.
  • Usually chairs the Crew open house.
  • Organizes and recognizes the achievement of Crew members.
  • Conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled.
  • Attends all crew activities.
  • Participates in the Teen Leaders' Council program planning conference.
  • Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the recruiting of new members through recognizing the achievements of crew members.
Program       Vice President
  • Serves as the program officer of the Crew and, in that position, arranges the program planning process for the Crew.
  • Collects and maintains a Crew activity file consisting of the program capability inventory, a list of Crew member interests and suggestions for activities, program resources, and annual activity schedule.
  • Determines the interests of the Crew members on an ongoing basis (using Venturing activity interest surveys or other tools).
  • Provides support for the chair and committee for each activity.
  • Maintains an up-to-date calendar of Crew meetings and activities.
  • Approaches and encourages others to approach Venturing activities in a spirit of fun and enjoyment.
  • Serves as the communications officer and, in that position, manages communications and publicity for the Crew.
  • Maintains Crew membership and attendance records.
  • Handles Crew correspondence and minutes.
  • Coordinates Crew publicity through local media, Crew newsletters, and the Crew's telephone network.
  • Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the publicity and communications of the Crew.

Crew 202 operates on a cash basis.  Members pay for activities as they participate.  The Treasurer activities described below are completed on an activity-specific basis.  If/when a Crew 202 check must be written to an outside vendor from the funds collected, the youth must seek help from the adult Crew Committee.

  • Serves as the financial officer and, in that position, maintains financial records and monitors the Crew budget for the event. 
  • Collects and disburses participant funds for the event.  Reconciles receipts and actual vs. budget expenditures.
  • Communicates with the officers and members on a regular basis to keep them informed about event finances.  (i.e., funds collected for specific outings)
  • Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun, and spreads this spirit in carrying out the Treasurer's responsibilities.